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Having to give a wedding speech, scares most people as we don't get
many opportunities to give a speech in public. We are afraid that
we will make a complete fool of ourselves and that we will feel
so embarrassed and wished that we could just disappear.
So you've come here as you don't want to look foolish.

John Wilson, father of the groom speech expert and overall wedding speech expert.

So what can we do about it?

Well let me introduce 
Belinda Hamilton and John Wilson.
They are the Authors of several
popular wedding speech books.
They have decades of experience
in writing wedding speeches.
They have developed speech packages
that totally charm the audiences.
They will show you all that there is
to know about giving
a great and funny wedding speech.
You will surprise everybody, 
especially yourself.

Belinda, father of the groom speech expert
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Well you are not the first one that needs help.
Read what Adam Fletcher from Australia wrote.

                           And He is a Professional Speech Writer.

Gave a great father of the bride speech and it was the best wedding speech at the wedding.

I am a professional writer and as my daughter’s wedding was
approaching I was confident that I would be able to come up with
a good speech. It so happened that just 3 weeks before the
wedding my wife’s brother had an accident and we had to
rush to attend to him. My family was naturally very upset
with this sudden turn of events and we just could
not apply our minds to the wedding. Thankfully things
improved, but I just  was not in the right frame of mind to
write my wedding speech. My wife to the rescue and suggested
I look on the internet. I did so reluctantly and I have to say your book
was an absolute life saver. I could never have done such a great
job without your book. And then in such a short time I had left.
So many quotations, toasts, real funny one-liners and speech
examples to choose from and they all added that extra oomph to
my father of the bride speech. .  To Read More  Click Here.

Anna Rempel from Ireland said​

When I finished people broke into applause and then
when I looked at my daughter she had tears in her eyes.
I am just so grateful for Belinda and I highly recommend this

Exclusive Mother of the Bride Speech Pack to all those mothers
who really want to make an impression at their daughter’s
wedding with their speech. There are so many stories
in the speech examples that I readily related to.
 I picked parts of several example speeches and
put them into my own speech. Numerous stories that
mothers easily relate to. The speech pack is just full of such
relevant material that helped me in the writing of my mother of the
bride speech. I didn't have to rack my brains and I had a very entertaining
wedding speech ready in just a couple of hours.    To read more 
Click Here

This mother of the bride gave a great wedding speech
Wedding etiquettes make for great wedding speeches

Bonus No.2 Wedding Etiquette

       This bonus is called "Wedding Etiquette Secrets." 
        Weddings are such an extra special occasion you need to get it right
        the first time as you only get one shot at it.
        It is a step by step guide of just what should be included to truly make
        your wedding a very special occasion.      
        Here is where you will learn just how to manage, plan and adept
        etiquette to your wedding.
        How to determine exactly who is doing what.
        How to handle all the announcements and invitations and to learn
        what kind of things to include in the wedding invitations.
        You get various tips regarding wedding gifts.
        What should be included in a wedding shower.

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bachelorette party ebook to go with the wedding speeches

Extra Bonuses for Maid of Honor

A Bachelorette Party E-Book
Now you can plan quickly and easily a most
Exclusive Bachelorette part. There are many ideas, themes and guides to throw the best party ever.

A Bridal Shower

With this guide you can plan a real
memorable bridal shower for your friend.
Lots of ideas: themes, invitations, gifts, games.
You will have a bridal shower that will be impressive

bridal shower e-book hand in hand with wedding speeches

Embarrassing Wedding Speeches.

We have all been to weddings where some of the speeches were downright embarrassing.
Embarrassing to listen to and very embarrassing for the person giving the speech.
With our speech packs there is no possible way that you will be embarrassed.
Instead you will feel confident, because you have prepared yourself.
Because of the many wedding speech examples etc. you have
to spent but a few hours to put a great speech together.
This gives you plenty time to practice your speech.

Here are all the Wedding Speeches

Mother of the Bride Speech
Father of the Bride Speech
Mother of the Groom Speech
Father of the Groom Speech
Maid of Honor Speech
Bride Speech
Groom Speech
Best Man Speech
Each Speech Pack has 25 wedding speech examples and has lots of jokes,
hilarious one-liners, funny quotations and exclusive wedding toasts etc.

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